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Thursday, 25 April 2013


Yesterday we attended a service at Dernancourt.

This little town has a strong South Australian connection as South Aussie troops fought off a German offensive here on the 5th of April 1918.

The children were out for the service and we all walked down the little main street together.  The Mayor gave a really sweet speech and told us that we "can be proud to be Australian".  It was very touching to know the extent these locals go to to remember Australia and the brave sacrifices our men made.

After the service we presented the Mayor and the Children with gifts.  Among which were 2 Aussie Rules footballs.  A match was than played on the oval.  It was great fun! I even managed a broken French/English conversation with the kids!

I now have 3 French pen pals who live on Australia Road!

We were also presented with real French flags, poppy (or coquelicot in French!), badges and books.  I felt so humbled by these beautiful gifts and I will cherish them forever.

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